Captain Future Fanart

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New GIMP Fanart by Stayka

Captain Future

Ancient Watercolour Fanart by Stayka

Captain Future Captain Future

Old RPG Stuff

These pictures show two RPG characters from the Mage: the Ascension session Adventures in Etherspace, which takes place in a whacked-out SF-Pulp universe based a lot on the CF universe. (And of course, the Captain made a cameo appearance in the first session, too :-)

A.C.Newton Character Sheet A.C.Newton (Scientist of the Sons of Ether); played by Stayka
A.P.Newton Character Sheet A.P.Trismegista-Newton bani Bonisagus (Mage of the Order of Hermes); played by Niara
Captain Future Captain Future Curtis Newton (Scientist of the Sons of Ether)
Well, I really had to use CF as the perfect Son of Ether Master Scientist. He is the Wizard of Science, after all.
Of course he is an NSC only, as he would be way too powerful.

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