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VI - The Lovers

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VI - The Lovers

View the pencil drawing of The Lovers

The Lovers have two meanings. First, there is the traditional rendering of The Lovers featuring a man who has to decide between two women. Thus, the trump stands for decisions. When Arthur Waite introduced his version of The Lovers, he put them as a man looking to a woman at the left side who herself looks up to an angel floating in the heavens. This version symbolizes the Neo-Platonic view of love where a man needs to love a woman to see the divine powers as only women are able to see the angel directly, while men can see it only through the women. Another reading of the symbols says that the angel can only be seen when man and woman share true love - as soon as one turns away from the other, the vision fades.

The qualities of The Lovers are sexuality, love, decisions.

Traditionally, The Lovers are connected with the Zodiac Sign Gemini and the Planet Mercury.

My rendering of The Lovers shows Pisces Aphrodite and Lacerta Misty as lovers with Virgo Shaka posing as the angel to whom the lovers look up. The volcano in the background symbolizes raw passion, while water usually stands for the deep emotions. In choosing two men as lovers, this trump transcends the traditional view that love can only exist between a man and a woman, and as they also have a quite female appearance, it contains even more ambiguity.

Actually, this version of The Lovers combines both the traditional view of one person having to decide between the pure love and raw passion (I couldn't help but being influenced by "Aphrodite's" answers in the (not so) Frequently Asked Questions List where he implied that he had amourous feelings both to Shaka and Misty :) and the Neo-Platonic view (sorry, Aphro, but your name put you in the position of the lady... :)

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